Voice Network

Audio Architects has hand-selected Professional Voice Talent who are available to collaborate with you via ISDN, Source Connect, ipDTL, Skype or Phone Patch to help share your story or product with the world.

Just click the style and sound you’re searching for and we’ll find the perfect voice for your project.  Let’s talk.

Dan Hurst

Approachable, Friendly, Powerful, Deep, Conversational

Dan Hurst

Approachable, Friendly, Powerful, Deep, Conversational

Connie Terwilliger

Warm, Real, Knowledgeable, Teacher, Characters

Chuck Davis

Real, Textured, Unaffected, Warm, Reassuring

Catherine Sheehan

Credible, Understandable, Relatable, Smooth, Professional

Bobbin Beam

Warm, Reassuring, Alto, Informed, Professional

Bill DeWees

Believable, Conversational, Friendly, Energetic, Authoritative

Adam Verner

Conversational, Natural, Relatable, Smooth, Hip

Heidi Mason

Friendly, Genuine, Sincere, Fun, Trustworthy

Roch Bordenave

Authoritative, Deep, Aggressive, Commanding, Smooth

Tammy Oakland

Friendly, Believable, Sincere, Upbeat, Versatile, Mom

Tammy Oakland

Friendly, Believable, Sultry, Sincere, Upbeat

Norman Ellis Flint

Cultured, Trustworthy, Authoritative, Real, Warm

Naylene Frunk

Smooth, Sophisticated, Professional, Credible, Sincere

Dick Terhune

Versatile, Witty, Sophisticated, Deep, Smooth

Dave Hoffmann

Silly, Zany, Believable, Characters with Heart

Dan Zullo

Versatile, convincing, accents, characters

Corey Holtzberg

Funny, Silly, Goofy, Outrageous Characters

Carlos Aguilar

Spanish, Energetic, Friendly, Professional, Powerful